About Us

Dakota Vascular, a leading provider of comprehensive vascular care, is dedicated to addressing a range of vascular conditions. If you or a loved one are dealing with unexplained leg pain, numbness, non-healing wounds, varicose veins, or any other vascular issues, our highly skilled team is ready to provide the assistance you need. We prioritize your well-being and aim to offer holistic care that goes beyond just your vascular system. We are here to:

Listen to you and consider your whole health

Recognizing that your vascular health is interconnected with your overall well-being, we go the extra mile to listen attentively and collaborate with your other healthcare providers. Our approach involves considering the broader context of your health, ensuring that our interventions align seamlessly with your overall wellness goals. By fostering a collaborative environment, we strive to deliver effective and mindful care that addresses your unique needs.

Partner with you for the long haul

At Dakota Vascular, we understand that the journey to vascular health may span weeks, months, or even years. Our commitment extends beyond immediate solutions, as we stand beside you as trusted and reliable guides throughout your entire vascular care journey. Whether it’s short-term interventions or long-term management, our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.

Use our skills to best serve you

Employing cutting-edge technology and advanced procedures, we leverage our skills to ensure that you can resume your normal activities as soon as possible. Our focus is on providing efficient and effective solutions, allowing you to get back to doing the things you love most. By staying at the forefront of medical advancements, we strive to deliver the highest standard of care tailored to your specific needs.

Meet Our Surgeons

Patrick Kelly, MD

Angelo Santos, MD

Gregory Nissen, MD

Dakota Vascular is proud to introduce our accomplished team of vascular surgeons, each bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. Meet Dr. Patrick Kelly, Dr. Angelo Santos, and Dr. Gregory Nissen, distinguished professionals committed to ensuring your vascular health. With their combined skills and dedication, you can trust that you are in capable hands when seeking vascular treatment at Dakota Vascular.